The post holder is required to prepare daily information for production and scheduling. Update production records. Prepare and process job packs, batching appropriately and with correct identification. Providing appropriate information for production. Validating job orders and assisting in any planning or scheduling requirements. Telephone and reception duties are also part of this role.

Main Accountabilities:-

  1. Generate reports every week for general factory reporting.
  1. Generate daily reports, for use in morning production meeting, to enable job order creation, and provide MB production targets.
  1. Convert available customer order lines into job orders, batching accordingly ready for release to programming / production.
  1. Ensure CNC material availability for job order release and “stop” job orders and document if shortage of materials.
  1. Ensure to balance load CNC and Pressbrake machines by verifying schedule Gantt charts and liaising with Planning Manager and production supervision.
  1. Run Scheduling, print work-to-lists and ensure all required and available job orders are issued to production via the tooling co-ordinators / production supervision.
  1. Produce Manufacturing workbenches, to ensure all job orders required are processed.
  1. Clean and maintain job orders to ensure correct WIP levels.
  1. Clean and maintain customer order lines to ensure overall order book accuracy.
  1. Process any job orders deemed necessary to ensure factory OTIF. Working extra hours as required.
  1. Process any order amendments and answer any customer order or job order queries.
  1. Act on any customer order line or job order requests, from higher management or project reviews.
  1. To carry out relevant training as and when required.
  1. To undertake any reasonable request from Directors, Managers and other members of staff.
  1. To work within the company management system, processes and procedures, so as to be fully compliant with all standards, legislation, governance and specifications.
  1. To ensure the strategic direction, quality, environmental, health and safety policies are understood and where required the objectives, targets and key performance indicators are measured, evaluated and reported to demonstrate continuous improvement of the management system.
  1. To ensure all activities enhances customer satisfaction and meet the requirements of all interested parties.
  1. To ensure all activities reduce or eliminate pollution to the land, sea and air.
  1. To promote and use the philosophy of reduce, re-use or recycle of all wastes, materials and products.